Pineapple Anyone?

Bike crashing San Diego Bay you might notice this giant Dole freighter tucked in the corner. It parks itself on the tail end of the harbor walks, tall ships and luxury yachts. If you ask me, this beast of a boat, journeyed from Honduras, is more photo worthy than all that tourist stuff. It’s the kind of spectacle you pedal your Trek into by accident only.

Each of those rectangular cargo containers hitch on the tractor trailers, lined up single file on the other side of this monstrosity. And you see those huge beams running parallel to the hull? They slide up down the boat, rearranging the cargo like giant robot arms in a Terminator II flashback (or flash forward, depending on your perspective). Sounds like Han Solo being frozen in carbonite (wait and listen for the machinary and slamming sounds). I watched like a curious kid–which is the whole point of city bike crashing.

Turn 180 degrees, you see  Hilton guests poolside–pointed at the same floating warehouse. I wonder if they enjoyed industrial clamor as much as I did (I’m guessing not).

It makes for a strange juxtaposition of luxury and industry.


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I pedal my Trek around the city, discover new places, meet people, take pictures, and wrap it all up in a blog. I'm also a freelance editor and writer, a marketing student, and a curious person who has an idea once in a while. View all posts by Kris Wardwell

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